GADDY ENGINEERING COMPANY (GEC) was established in 1967 to provide natural resource management, mining engineering, and geological consulting services. Based in Charleston, West Virginia, the company now includes more than fifteen professional engineers, geologists, foresters, technicians, and support personnel. The combined experience of these professionals totals more than 100 years of natural resource engineering and management experience.

GEC represents more than 30 estates, partnerships, financial institutions, corporations, and trusts that own and control several hundred thousand acres of property in West Virginia, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. GEC develops a comprehensive understanding of all contractual agreements as well as the geography, geology, and productive history associated with each property it manages. All leases and contracts for extraction of various industrial minerals, coal, natural gas, and timber resources are then monitored closely for compliance.

GEC evaluates mining, natural gas operations and other surface land uses to determine the efficiency of extraction. We make regular, on-site visits to the operations to observe and evaluate recovery of the resource. Each month, we verify the accuracy of various industrial minerals, coal, timber, and natural gas royalty statements. We compare mine-tonnage reports and timber revenues while taking careful field measurements of resource removal.

Standards of Care

The ownership of natural resource properties presents new challenges for managers in the ever evolving landscape of technology and liability. Owners of natural resources have found that there are basic standards of professional stewardship that make owning these resources a nice addition to any investment portfolio.

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Areas of Expertise

GEC's comprehensive professional services are tailored to each client's specific needs. Over the years, GEC has applied its staff and procedures to a wide variety of management and engineering subjects, including:[…]

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SPE Names T. Streit winner of the 2013 Robert Earll McConnell Award

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